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Cabinet Handle Bar Pulls In Many Sizes
August 12th, 2016

Many new cabinet handle bar pulls added to our new web site.  All sizes on the market today and many finishes to pick from.  Drop around to  .. READ MORE.

Using European Hinges
August 14th, 2012

European hinges can be easy to install and easy to choose the correct hinges / plates when you understand a few key points. We have written an article on Measuring Cabinet Doors for European Hinges that describ.. READ MORE.

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed Hinges.
February 2nd, 2012

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed  Hinges.  Many options, sizes and brand names of cabinet door hinges to choose from. .. READ MORE.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order in exactly 1 week. I am so impressed!! The hardware was received yesterday and I am very happy with the quality and the look of the product. The.....MORE

J Thomas

Free Samples

We have a minimum order of $10 on our shopping cart. Chances are the 3 samples may not reach this amount. To bypass this, please type in lower case,   samples    in the box labeled "Bypass minimum order code" that you see in the shopping cart.
Using the above code for anything other then to purchase samples as explained on this page will result in the order being deleted.

Our sample program works like this:

Choose up to three ( 3 ) different handles and or knobs for your samples. ( Each item must be less than $10.00. Not for same item in different lengths as in Bar Pulls. )

Purchase them using the shopping cart. At this time you will pay for the 3 handles / knobs you selected plus shipping.

When you receive your handles/knobs, choose the one you want for your project. You may keep the others or toss them in the garbage.

Order 30 or more of the one you like and we will deduct the cost of the other 2 handles / knobs you did not pick.

Read carefully below:


  1. Email us the item number(s) of the 2 handles/knobs you wish a refund on and the order id number of the original invoice.

  2. We will email you back a coupon number which when entered in the shopping cart will discount the total by the amount of the 2 items

    You now have received 2 free samples!

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