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Cabinet Handle Bar Pulls In Many Sizes
August 12th, 2016

Many new cabinet handle bar pulls added to our new web site.  All sizes on the market today and many finishes to pick from.  Drop around to  .. READ MORE.

Using European Hinges
August 14th, 2012

European hinges can be easy to install and easy to choose the correct hinges / plates when you understand a few key points. We have written an article on Measuring Cabinet Doors for European Hinges that describ.. READ MORE.

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed Hinges.
February 2nd, 2012

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed  Hinges.  Many options, sizes and brand names of cabinet door hinges to choose from. .. READ MORE.

Thanks, I received the hinges today and they are exactly the right ones. I've been looking for a source for euro hinges in the US to replace my current ones which are breaking at a regular rate. Thank.....MORE

E Van Anglen

Amerock Cabinet Handles and Knobs

You can see and order our Amerock items on this page Amerock Handles and Knobs
Below is a list of items we have or can order in for you.  If you do not see the item on the page  above please email us and we can get a price for you and delivery.
14303CBB BP53022-BB
14303CSG BP53022-FB
14303G10 BP53022-G10
14303ORB BP53023-26
907CBB BP53023-3
BH26502-26 BP53023-BB
BH26502-G10 BP53023-FB
BH26502-ORB BP53023-G10
BH26540-SS BP53029-ART
BH26541-SS BP53029-G10
BP1300-ART BP53029-ORB
BP1300-ORB BP53029-R3
BP1300-RB BP53030-ART
BP1301-ORB BP53030-G10
BP1302-ART BP53030-ORB
BP1302-G10 BP53030-R3
BP1302-G9 BP53031-ART
BP1302-O77 BP53031-G10
BP1302-ORB BP53031-ORB
BP1302-RB BP53031-R3
BP1303-ORB BP53032-ART
BP1307-ART BP53032-G10
BP1307-G10 BP53032-ORB
BP1307-ORB BP53032-R3
BP1312-G10 BP53032-WN
BP1312-ORB BP53033-ART
BP1312-RB BP53033-G10
BP1313-G10 BP53033-ORB
BP1313-ORB BP53033-R3
BP1313-RB BP53033-WN
BP1314-G10 BP53034-ART
BP1314-ORB BP53034-G10
BP1314-RB BP53034-ORB
BP1315-G10 BP53034-R3
BP1315-ORB BP53034-WN
BP1315-RB BP53035-ART
BP1333-G9 BP53036-ART
BP1334-G9 BP53037-ART
BP1337-G9 BP53470-26
BP1338-G9 BP53470-3
BP1387-ART BP53470-FB
BP1443-ORB BP53470-G10
BP1466-2-G10 BP53470-ORB
BP1466-ORB BP53470-WN
BP1471-ORB BP53471-26
BP1580-G10 BP53471-3
BP1580-ORB BP53471-FB
BP1580-WN BP53471-G10
BP1581-2-G10 BP53471-ORB
BP1581-2-ORB BP53471-WN
BP1581-G10 BP53529-G10
BP1581-ORB BP53529-ORB
BP1581-WN BP53530-G10
BP1584-ART BP53530-ORB
BP1584-G10 BP53531-G10
BP1584-ORB BP53531-ORB
BP1584-RB BP53532-G10
BP1584-WN BP53532-ORB
BP1585-2-G10 BP53534-2-G10
BP1585-2-ORB BP53534-2-ORB
BP1585-2-WID BP53700-G10
BP1585-ART BP53700-ORB
BP1585-FB BP53700-WN
BP1585-G10 BP53701-G10
BP1585-ORB BP53701-ORB
BP1585-RB BP53701-WN
BP1585-WN BP53702-G10
BP1586-2-FB BP53702-ORB
BP1586-2-G10 BP53702-WN
BP1586-2-ORB BP53703-G10
BP1586-2-WN BP53703-ORB
BP1586-ART BP53703-PWT
BP1586-FB BP53704-G10
BP1586-G10 BP53704-ORB
BP1586-ORB BP53704-PWT
BP1586-R2 BP53705-G10
BP1586-RB BP53705-ORB
BP1586-WID BP53705-PWT
BP1586-WN BP53710-G10
BP1587-FB BP53710-GPH
BP1587-G10 BP53711-G10
BP1587-ORB BP53711-GPH
BP1587-WN BP53712-G10
BP1588-FB BP53712-GPH
BP1588-G10 BP53713-G10
BP1588-ORB BP53713-GPH
BP1588-WN BP53714-G10
BP1589-FB BP53714-GPH
BP1589-G10 BP53715-G10
BP1589-ORB BP53715-GPH
BP1589-WN BP53716-G10
BP1590-ART BP53716-GPH
BP1590-G10 BP53717-G10
BP1590-ORB BP53717-GPH
BP1590-WN BP53718-G10
BP1592-G10 BP53718-GPH
BP1593-G10 BP53719-G10
BP174-ORB BP53719-GPH
BP1784-G10 BP53720-G10
BP1784-ORB BP53720-GPH
BP1784-WID BP53721-G10
BP1785-G10 BP53721-GPH
BP1785-ORB BP53722-G10
BP1785-WID BP53722-GPH
BP1786-G10 BP53801-G10
BP1786-ORB BP53801-ORB
BP1786-WID BP53801-WN
BP1787-G10 BP53802-G10
BP1787-ORB BP53802-ORB
BP1787-WID BP53802-WN
BP19002-SS BP53803-ORB
BP19006-SS BP53803-WN
BP19007-SS BP53804-G10
BP19008-SS BP53804-ORB
BP19009-SS BP53804-WN
BP19010-SS BP53805-G10
BP19011-SS BP53805-ORB
BP19014-ORB BP53805-WN
BP19015-ORB BP53807-2-G10
BP19016-ORB BP53807-2-ORB
BP19017-ORB BP53807-2-WN
BP19018-ORB BP54000-WID
BP19019-ORB BP54001-G10
BP19206-ORB BP54001-ORB
BP19207-ORB BP54004-G10
BP19207-WID BP54004-ORB
BP19208-WID BP54004-RB
BP19257-26 BP54006-R2
BP19257-26D BP54007-WN
BP19257-G10 BP54008-ORB
BP19258-26 BP54008-SS
BP19258-26D BP54021-G10
BP19258-G10 BP54021-GPH
BP19260-ORB BP54022-G10
BP19320-ORB BP54022-GPH
BP19321-ART BP54023-G10
BP19321-ORB BP54023-GPH
BP19321-RB BP54024-G10
BP19322-ART BP54024-GPH
BP19322-ORB BP55220-G10
BP19322-RB BP55220-GPH
BP19323-ORB BP55220-ORB
BP19324-ORB BP55220-WN
BP1950-ORB BP55221-2-G10
BP24013-SN BP55221-2-GPH
BP24017-SN BP55221-2-ORB
BP24018-SN BP55221-2-WN
BP24234-DOB BP55222-G10
BP24235-DOB BP55222-GPH
BP26116-26 BP55222-ORB
BP26116-G10 BP55222-WN
BP26116-ORB BP55223-G10
BP26117-26 BP55223-GPH
BP26117-G10 BP55223-ORB
BP26117-ORB BP55223-WN
BP26126-26 BP55224-G10
BP26126-G10 BP55224-GPH
BP26126-ORB BP55224-ORB
BP26127-26 BP55224-WN
BP26127-2-G10 BP55225-G10
BP26127-2-ORB BP55225-GPH
BP26127-2-RB BP55225-ORB
BP26127-G10 BP55225-WN
BP26127-ORB BP55226-G10
BP26127-RB BP55226-GPH
BP26128-26 BP55226-ORB
BP26128-26D BP55226-WN
BP26128-G10 BP55227-G10
BP26129-26 BP55227-GPH
BP26129-26D BP55227-ORB
BP26129-G10 BP55227-WN
BP26130-26 BP55243-G10
BP26130-G10 BP55243-ORB
BP26130-ORB BP55244-G10
BP26130-PN BP55244-ORB
BP26131-26 BP55245-G10
BP26131-G10 BP55245-ORB
BP26131-O74 BP55246-G10
BP26131-ORB BP55246-ORB
BP26131-PN BP55247-G10
BP26131-WN BP55247-ORB
BP26132-26 BP55266-AORB
BP26132-EB BP55266-CG10
BP26132-G10 BP55268-AORB
BP26132-ORB BP55268-CG10
BP26132-WN BP55270-BBR
BP26133-26 BP55270-G10
BP26133-EB BP55270-ORB
BP26133-G10 BP55271-BBR
BP26133-ORB BP55271-G10
BP26133-WN BP55271-ORB
BP26134-26 BP55272-BBR
BP26134-26D BP55272-G10
BP26134-G10 BP55272-ORB
BP26135-26 BP55273-BBR
BP26135-26D BP55273-G10
BP26135-G10 BP55273-ORB
BP26137-G10 BP55274-BBR
BP26137-ORB BP55274-G10
BP26137-PN BP55274-ORB
BP26138-G10 BP55275-BBR
BP26138-ORB BP55275-G10
BP26138-PN BP55275-ORB
BP26139-2-G10 BP55276-BBR
BP26139-2-ORB BP55276-G10
BP26139-2-PN BP55276-ORB
BP26200-SS BP55277-BBR
BP26201-G10 BP55277-G10
BP26203-G10 BP55277-ORB
BP26204-G10 BP55278-BBR
BP26205-G10 BP55278-G10
BP26206-G10 BP55278-ORB
BP27005-ART BP55279-BBR
BP27005-G10 BP55279-G10
BP27005-WN BP55279-ORB
BP27005-WNC BP55280-BBR
BP27006-ART BP55280-G10
BP27006-G10 BP55280-ORB
BP27006-WN BP55311-AP
BP27006-WNC BP55311-DOB
BP27016-26 BP55311-PN
BP27016-AA BP55312-AP
BP27016-G10 BP55312-DOB
BP27017-26 BP55312-PN
BP27017-AA BP55314-AP
BP27017-G10 BP55314-DOB
BP27018-26 BP55314-PN
BP27018-AA BP55315-AP
BP27018-G10 BP55315-DOB
BP27024-ART BP55315-PN
BP27026-ART BP55316-AP
BP29200-G10 BP55316-DOB
BP29200-ORB BP55316-PN
BP29201-G10 BP55317-AP
BP29201-ORB BP55317-DOB
BP29202-G10 BP55317-PN
BP29202-ORB BP55318-AP
BP29203-G10 BP55318-DOB
BP29203-ORB BP55318-PN
BP40515-ORB BP55319-AP
BP40516-ORB BP55319-DOB
BP40517-ORB BP55319-PN
BP40518-ORB BP55321-AP
BP40519-ORB BP55321-DOB
BP4235-ORB BP55321-PN
BP4258-WN BP55322-AP
BP4420-PWT BP55322-DOB
BP4421-PWT BP55322-PN
BP4422-PWT BP55323-AP
BP4423-PWT BP55323-DOB
BP4424-G10 BP55323-PN
BP4424-ORB BP55340-G10
BP4424-RBZ BP55340-GB
BP4425-G10 BP55340-ORB
BP4425-ORB BP55341-G10
BP4425-RBZ BP55341-GB
BP4426-RBZ BP55341-ORB
BP4427-RBZ BP55342-G10
BP4428-RBZ BP55342-GB
BP4429-RBZ BP55342-ORB
BP4476-G10 BP55343-G10
BP4477-G10 BP55343-GB
BP4478-G10 BP55343-ORB
BP4479-G10 BP55344-G10
BP53000-26 BP55344-GB
BP53000-3 BP55344-ORB
BP53000-FB BP55346-G10
BP53000-G10 BP55346-GB
BP53001-26 BP55346-ORB
BP53001-3 BP55347-G10
BP53001-FB BP55347-GB
BP53001-G10 BP55347-ORB
BP53001-ORB BP55348-G10
BP53002-26 BP55348-GB
BP53002-3 BP55348-ORB
BP53002-BB BP55349-G10
BP53002-FB BP55349-GB
BP53002-G10 BP55349-ORB
BP53002-ORB BP55360-G10
BP53003-26 BP55360-GPH
BP53003-3 BP55364-G10
BP53003-FB BP55364-GPH
BP53003-G10 BP55365-G10
BP53003-ORB BP55365-GPH
BP53004-26 BP55367-G10
BP53004-3 BP55367-GPH
BP53004-BB BP55368-G10
BP53004-FB BP55368-GPH
BP53004-G10 BP55369-G10
BP53004-ORB BP55369-GPH
BP53005-26 BP55370-G10
BP53005-3 BP55370-GPH
BP53005-BB BP55420-2-DBS
BP53005-FB BP55420-2-DOB
BP53005-G10 BP55420-2-RB
BP53005-ORB BP55420-2-SN
BP53006-26 BP55421-DBS
BP53006-3 BP55421-DOB
BP53006-BB BP55421-RB
BP53006-FB BP55421-SN
BP53006-G10 BP55422-DBS
BP53006-ORB BP55422-DOB
BP53007-26 BP55422-RB
BP53007-3 BP55422-SN
BP53007-BB BP55423-DBS
BP53007-FB BP55423-DOB
BP53007-G10 BP55423-RB
BP53008-26 BP55423-SN
BP53008-3 BP55424-DBS
BP53008-BB BP55424-DOB
BP53008-FB BP55424-RB
BP53008-G10 BP55424-SN
BP53009-26 BP55425-DBS
BP53009-3 BP55425-DOB
BP53009-BN BP55425-RB
BP53009-EB BP55425-SN
BP53009-FB BP731-CS
BP53009-G10 BP732-CS
BP53011-26 BP733-CS
BP53011-3 BP734-CS
BP53011-BN BP771-AE
BP53011-EB BP771-G10
BP53011-FB BP771-ORB
BP53011-G10 BP771-RBZ
BP53011-ORB BP771-WI
BP53012-26 BP771-WN
BP53012-3 BP772-3
BP53012-BB BP772-G10
BP53012-BN BP772-ORB
BP53012-EB BP772-WN
BP53012-FB BP853-ORB
BP53012-G10 BP854-ORB
BP53013-G10 BP875-G10
BP53014-26 BP875-ORB
BP53014-3 BP884-ORB
BP53014-BB BP9337-G10
BP53014-BN BP9337-ORB
BP53014-EB BP9337-WN
BP53014-FB BP9338-2-G10
BP53014-G10 BP9338-2-ORB
BP53014-ORB BP9338-G10
BP53015-26 BP9338-ORB
BP53015-3 BP9338-WN
BP53015-BN BP9339-G10
BP53015-FB BP9339-ORB
BP53015-G10 BP9339-WN
BP53015-ORB BP9362-G10
BP53016-26 BP9363-G10
BP53016-FB BP9364-G10
BP53016-G10 BP9365-ART
BP53018-26 BP9365-G10
BP53018-3 BP9365-ORB

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